This year’s recipients of the Pontonjär Prize

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This year’s recipients of the Pontonjär Prize are Be-Ge Stece AB in Mönsterås and the Academy of Music and Business (AMB) in Tingsryd.

The prizes were awarded digitally on May 4, 2021 by the Linnaeus Academy. In connection with the award ceremony, Andreas Carlsson, music producer and founder of AMB, gave an inspirational lecture and shared his personal experiences of entrepreneurship in the music industry.

The Pontonjär Prize is a prize established by Kronoberg’s former governor Kristina Alsér, with the aim of highlighting people who build bridges between school and business in Kronoberg and Kalmar counties in different ways.


Be-Ge Stece AB, with CEO Robert Nyqvist, receives its award for its very good collaboration with Mönsteråsgymnasiet. The company is a role model for promoting collaboration by always participating in high school fairs, open houses, program councils and steering groups at Mönsteråsgymnasiet. Be-Ge Stece AB also offers materials and machines for educational purposes and offers stimulating summer jobs for students. Be-Ge Stece AB is an important bridge builder between schools and business in the county and a role model for other companies.

The Academy of Music and Business (AMB) and its founder Andreas Carlsson are awarded for their early investment in digital technology to build bridges between music students in Tingsryd and established musicians around the world. AMB also lays the foundation for long-term and sustainable entrepreneurship in music by training students in the highly competitive music industry in the use of technology and training in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship. AMB is a role model for how rural schools can also use international contacts.