About Be-Ge Stece AB

Stece was founded in Stockholm in 1946 by brothers Brandfors and Sten-Erik Cederberg. Due to both lack of space and lack of manpower the company moved to Mönsterås in the summer of 1951. Then, the company employed around 10 people in the company. At that time the springs and wire was the company's main production. The development of the company continued with several new customers including in the automotive industry.

The business expands

The business was expanded with more sheet metal work and in 1960 it was decided the construction of a press shop with associated finishing equipment. The expansion continued and in 1971 Cederberg decided to sell the company to Associated Spring Corporation (ASC) in the United States. At this time the company had grown to 370 employees. In the mid-70s the company suffers as the world of the oil crisis and the US auto industry is under heavy pressure from Japanese manufacturers. This also affects Stece as at the end of the 70s forced slimming down operations particularly in the manufacture of parts for the right car.


In 1982 ASC, now called Barnes Group, takes the decision to sell the company to a number of persons in the management. And they again invested in the company with new investments and with an improving economy in the ’80s, it was 1988’s time for a further expansion of the business. The business flourished until the recession of the early 90s. After a number of lean years the orders recovered in 1994. The company was a sole owner in 1995 to Bengt Forsman and operated so until 2006 when Be-Ge companies with Lesjöfors acquired Stece.

Be-Ge Stece AB is today a subcontractor of stamped sheet metal parts to customers in the European automotive and engineering industry. We provide customers tooling design and manufacturing, eccentric and hydraulic pressing of sheet metal from 0.5 mm up to 6 mm, heat and surface treatment, as well as welding and assembly. The operation is IATF 16949 and ISO 14000 – certified.

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