Solar panel system and energy efficiency improvements

At Be-Ge Stece a solar panel system was put into operation on October 24. Until today it has produced 11 MWh despite a season with less sunlight. We expect to produce 462 MWh during a normal full year, which can be compared to our total electricity requirement of 2,600 MWh/year.

During December we have worked with various types of energy efficiency improvements, such as our ventilation systems, where preventive maintenance has been carried out to obtain the maximum possible efficiency enabling recovery of heat in our exhaust air. We have also shortened the time our ventilation systems are active to match the new working hours we have today. The operation of our air compressors has been optimized where they are active less hours and only when it is required. We have continued to work on sealing compressed air leaks and also replaced fluorescent fixtures and other types of lighting with LED lighting, which has resulted in us reducing our power requirement and energy consumption.

We continue our sustainability work following what has always been a guiding star in Be-Ge's history: Long-term view!

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