Carbon steel knives for Morakniv

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In the area around Mora there is a long tradition of knife making, since about 400 years ago sharp knives have been made for the rest of the world. The seed for what would become one of the world’s most popular knife manufacturers was sown as early as 1891 when Frost-Erik Erson returned home to the village of Östnor in Mora after four years of work as a lumberjack in North America. In the same year, he founded a vehicle factory that manufactured sledges, wheelbarrows and knives for the workshop’s internal use. It would prove to be a successful business idea. Shortly afterwards, knife production in the vehicle factory took off and eventually became a sought-after exchange item for traveling farm traders who, through their travels in Sweden, spread the knives from Mora further. By the turn of the century, Morakniv had become a well-established concept among craftsmen and craftsmen, which gave rings on the water. Within a few years, exports were established and the buyers consisted mainly of wholesalers, gunpowder and ironmongers in Europe. Morakniv is the classic knife for all craftsmen and knife users for 100 years.

Be-Ge Stece AB hardens blades for a number of carbon steel knives for Morakniv. When the previous supplier closed down its heat lines and Be-Ge Stece has one of the few with heat liners left in operation in Sweden, Morakniv asked us if we wanted to help them with this, which we obviously wanted. Since the spring of 2020, after a joint process validation, Be-Ge Stece has hardened for Morakniv with the help of our heat treatment, which is located here at Be-Ge Stece AB. The knife blades that Be-Ge Stece AB hardens go to slightly more specialized knives such as hoof blade and Morakniv Garberg. All hoof knives are developed in close collaboration with farriers and veterinarians. Morakniv Garberg is Morakniv’s first full tong knife that is suitable for both experienced and new members of Team Morakniv, in an active outdoor life.

Source: Morakniv

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