Sticks to check if a cable entry is electromagnetically approved.

Roxtec is the world leader in cable glands for industry, buildings and ships. When developing this product, it started with a concept discussion together with Roxtec, after which samples were produced for evaluation. A design was determined and then tools were made which would then punch out the detail. When producing the product, we stick an insulating tape on a stainless 0.15 mm thick sheet, then the product is cut, bent and varnished.

Our sister company Be-Ge Lackering helps us with the painting, we "keep it in the family." - says Torbjörn Uddén.

The part is then packed in a box together with instructions that goes to the end customer. This has resulted in specially designed sticks that are used to check if a cable entry is electromagnetically approved, this is an extremely important detail that Roxtec uses when they carry out checks.

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