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Be-Ge Stece AB

Industrialization and manufacturing of stamped sheet metal parts and development and manufacturing of advanced tools for stamping- and hydraulic presses.



High tool skills

Be-Ge Stece AB takes part in the custormer’s projects from the first idea with suggestions, prototypes and material choise to the finished product, tool manufactoring and series delivery. Within the company there is a broad material echnical knowledge and genuine design and tool manufacturing competence.


The eccentric and hydraulic presses

High capacity

Be-Ge Stece AB produce sheet metal details and production tools, and carries out assembly to complete units. The production is maden in the eccentric and hydraulic presses with a pressing force up to 800 tons.


Hardening / Surface treatment / Welding

The whole process

Be-Ge Stece AB has in-house capacity for hardening, normalization and electrolytic surface treatment. Both manual and automatic welding can be offered.


Be-Ge Stece AB- Part of

The Be-Ge group

Be-Ge is a family owned company group with production facilities in Sweden, Denmark, U.K, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. The company group comprises Be-Ge Seating division, Be-Ge Component division and Be-Ge Vehicle division.

Innovation, Flexibitity and Knowledge

SC100 Be-Ge Stece AB
Be-Ge Stece AB is today an subcontractor in stamping, welding, surface treatment and assembly of sheet metal parts to OEM customers all over Europe.The business is certified according to  .. Read more...

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